Hi! My name is Jess, and I'm a Lifestyle Photographer with a passion for capturing heart beats and essences of the wild & adventurous. I'm based in Connecticut but have a relentless itch for travel, so just say the word and I will come to you!

As photography is an art built on vulnerability, I want you to feel seen and comfortable. While anyone can take photos, it's the connection between photographer and client that inspires a pièce de résistance. In an effort to connect with you virtually, I've asked myself some questions I'd want to know about a person before investing. Click below to read more!

"...capturing heart beats and essences of the wild & adventurous."

about ME

How would you describe your style/aesthetic?
I would say I am an oversized sweater, tattoo loving, whimsical bohemian with a closet full of sweatpants and summer dresses. Just think cottage core meets tattoos & graphic T's! All flowy everything!
Aesthetically as a photographer: I love a raw vintage/grainy feel with a candid kiss of imperfection. I have always valued uniqueness and tried to be different or find extra special moments in small things that no one notices. But I can also be very ethereal or whimsical in my aesthetic at times (bringing that cottage core into the mix). I'm the ultimate fairytale romantic about both daily life and love.

"cottage core meets tattoos & oversized graphic T's" 

about Me

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What does your self-care/feel-good/pick-me-up day look like? It starts slow with a date with my dirty chai tea latte. Maybe work on whatever knitting project I've got going at the moment. But my secret sauce is retail therapy with a side of self-love through a self-portrait session. Something about the thrill of finding treasure amongst "trash" and then turning it into art lights me up! There's nothing like getting a new outfit and then LOVING a photo of yourself! Perks me right up :) The day would ideally end with a stroll through the veggie garden picking out dinner with my partner that we make together. Followed with playing our never ending Rummy game by a fire. I'd top the evening off by bingeing whatever show we've been watching & dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.

"retail therapy with a side of self-love"

about ME

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What is your dream shoot?
I would freaking love it if someone came to me wanting to do a "Trash the Dress" shoot. Honestly, all the kinds of shoots where you feel like your inner child comes out to play are the BEST! The shots usually end up the most fun and the day becomes a happy memory in it of itself! Similarly, any and all untraditional engagement shoot ideas! I'm picturing a pillow talk moment or dressing each other up at a thrift store or a cheeky public changing room flirtation. Even a kitchen food fight! You get the idea. The more alternative and playful the better. It is a dream of mine to one day be known for and offer self-love shoots that get ugly and messy on-purpose to show how beautiful YOU/ME/WE all are when we just let go. 

"...cheeky public changing room flirtation"

about Me

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Are you planning a proposal and looking for someone to capture the moment your partner says YES?! I am your girl!

Since all proposals are unique Prices start at $350


1-2 hour session
1-2 locations

Full access to my location guide
 + 1 outfits
 Outfit consultation
 No limit on number of photos
 Professionally edited photos
Print Release Rights
Start at $300.00


15-30 minute session
1 Location in CT

Full access to my location guide
1 Outfit
Outfit consultation
No limit on number of photos
Professionally edited
Print Release Rights
Start at $150.00


(Out-of-state destinations will include a travel fee of $1/mile of out-of-state travel.)

(Out-of-state destinations will include a travel fee of $1/mile of out-of-state travel.)

Not seeing a package that fits your needs? Let's chat about it!

Mini sessions are great for several reasons, first of all being that we live very busy lives! But more than that we don't always need 50 photos or an entire hour to get what you want or need. Best of all, I don't believe in a photo minimum or maximum so you don't have to pick and choose your favorites, you get them all! You will be pleasantly surprised at how many photos can be achieved in such a short amount of time. Whether you need a holiday card, want to gift a session or want a frame refresher, mini sessions are the way to go.

Mini Session

Mini session


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Full sessions start at $300 and are great for engagement, maternity/newborn, family lifestyle, business lifestyle photos and more!  Full sessions allow for more flexibility and time. Whether that's to have multiple outfit changes or to boop from one location to the next. 

Full sessions are all about the experience. I say 1-2 hours as an average but I often go over in time. Not only because I love getting to know my clients but because it feels nothing like a job galivanting around and being your ultimate hype girl!

full session




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Proposals include the following at a minimum:
- Planning help if needed
- Same-day photos for instant share-ability

I will without a doubt go the extra mile to make sure this moment goes off without a hitch. Hide in a bush, climb a tree, cover myself in mud, wear a wig... WHATEVER may be necessary! 

You just worry about asking the question and I will take care of the rest!





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I check my email twice a day, once in the morning and once at the end of the day.

From there you can expect that I will absolutely want to set up a client call (so feel free to suggest a date and time in your initial email!).

I am not in the business of copy and pasting my process with each client. I pride myself on giving each client my full attention, thoughtfulness and care. If I haven't responded to you yet, I guarantee I am caring for another client and you will get the same attention to detail when I get to you! It's a promise! 

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