April 14, 2022


Welcome to Raw Love Stories. As a photographer, I interact with a lot of couples coming from all different walks of life, taking that next step (marriage). Now I’ve always known I was the ultimate romantic but what I didn’t expect was falling as hard as I have for the way these couples love each other and just how many ways there are to show affection and love for someone.

It made me wonder how these couples met, under what circumstances, with what familial or societal pressures, how long they’d been together before this moment, and how they defined marriage. I kept finding myself thinking of just how hopeful the answer to those questions could be for the heartbroken or longing romantics holding onto fairytales or limiting beliefs.   

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when I found myself asking these types of questions with a couple I recently photographed as we waited for their ride to pick them up. They were more than willing, excited even, to share the details of their meeting and the challenges that came along with it. I knew then that they were my first couple interview and thus the birth of this series: RAW LOVE! 

If these real life stories help inspire at least one person who has seemingly given up on real love to re-open their heart, I will most definitely die a happy happy gal. 

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