My Services

I do! I require half upon booking and half upon delivery.

do you require a deposit?

Since hiring a photographer is an investment, I want you to be absolutely certain that we are a good fit before you decide you want to spend your money on me! I pride myself on going above and beyond for all of my clients and since everyone's needs/locations/styles require different things. If you are serious about booking with me, what are you waiting for!? Shoot me an email with ALL of the details you can provide and I will follow up with my pricing guide as a starting point. 

How much do your sessions cost?

Shoot me an email with as much detail as humanly possible! Tell me when, where, what, why, how! I like to begin my client-relationships with a video/telephone call so we can get into the nitty gritty and get to know each other before getting intimate. So don't forget to give me some times that work for you and I will follow up with the rest.

How do i book you?

I am working on a landing page that goes more in depth but the short version is that self-portrait photography nursed my self-confidence back to health and I want to share that wealth one woman at a time. If you want to know more PLEASE reach out!

What is your self-love project?




Session Add-Ons

An animated string of images that feels like photo magic and brings movement to life! These are especially magical for a couple session. They are also very useful for show-casing how a product functions that isn't quite your typical video footage.

Need video footage as well? Fear not! I have a network of fabulous video friends ready to hop in at the drop of a hat, you just say the word and I'll make it happen.